Dear followers, 
I just want to thank you for all your comments and likes. This is something that gives me the power to continue with www.smira-fashion.com. Last year was full of nice moments and I'm sure that 2016 would be better then never. Some amazing personal and blogging projects are in construction. So stay tuned, share Smira-Fashion with your friends and be cool. I'm not going to stop here! More looks, more events shared on the social medias, more trips and we will see for the rest...!

Regarding the PERFECTO, this is such a timeless piece. A must have to absolutely own in your wardrobe. 


Chers followers,
J'aimerais vous remercier pour votre soutient. Cela me donne la motivation de continuer ce partage avec vous par le biais des réseaux sociaux et sur www.smira-fashion.com. L'année dernière fut remplie de très beaux moments et je sens que 2016 sera meilleure que jamais. Plusieurs projets pour le blog ainsi que personnels sont actuellement en "construction". Alors, restez connecté, partagez Smira-Fashion avec vos amis et soyez cool. Je ne vais pas en rester là! Plus de looks, plus d'événements partagés sur les réseaux sociaux, plus de voyages et pour le reste, on verra bien..!

En ce qui concerne le PERFECTO, il est indémodable. Une pièce incontournable à avoir absolument dans son dressing. 


Perfecto: Zara
Watch: ICE CITY by Ice-Watch (available here)
Pants: H&M
Sneakers: Adidas - Stan Smith (available here)
Sunglasses: Zero UV (available here)
Hair products: Redken - "One United" and "Stand tough - Extreme Gel"


  1. The Perfecto is an incredible piece.
    When will we hear from your futur projects? I'm eager to know!

  2. can i have this jacket. supper cool look and shoes are amazing.
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  3. I saw this biker jacket at Zara !! But I don't like the belt behind it because it's always falling on the ground :( Nice outfit btw ;) xx

  4. Well,, that's style is a good one..
    But I prefer boots for the show!

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  5. Nice Ice Watch, really do love their brand. That's a damn nice jacket too.

  6. Cool :)


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  11. Love those sneakers !

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  12. Fantastic jacket, I like your style, amazing :)

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